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2017 is here!

Resolving to Accomplish your New Year’s Goals…

Most people resolve to do new things in the new year. However, that same majority at the end of the year look back over the year and realize that they did not accomplish their goals. Why is that? When setting goals, it is critical to set goals that are achievable – yes, I said it – be realistic with yourself.

Studies indicate that it takes over 60 days to form a new habit or engrain a new process in the DNA. When setting goals, or resolving to do something new, it is so important to make sure that it provides you direction and that it is specific to you.

Keeping it simple, I want to share four thoughts about setting your goals.

Set Specific Goals. Set a goal that provides some direction on a tangible action of which you can take ownership. Let me give you an example. Setting a goal of “I want to be happier in 2017” is vague. What will be more meaningful is setting a few objectives that you can accomplish in the new year. An example would be “I want to have a social outing with friends monthly”. This gives you something tangible you can develop a tactical plan around.

Set Measurable Goals. This is really an additive to setting specific goals. It is just making sure each goal has a component you can track. You notice that above, I mentioned “monthly” in the example. This give you something to work toward, with a monthly measurement. When I set my goals, I review and assess where I am quarterly. This is critical for personally keeping me on track. Keep yourself on track.

Challenge Yourself, but be Reasonable. Doing new things not typical for you is obviously a challenge within itself. Be reasonable with yourself. As an example, if you have not worked out one day in the current year, it is not really a reasonable goal to say you will work out every day in 2017.

Hold Yourself Accountable. I simply mean to write it down and revisit it often. Even write down your successes and opportunities to make sure you keep moving forward. You will be much less likely to be derailed.

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