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Life Coach Programs

When you wake-up in the morning, are your arms stretched wide with excitement and anticipation for the day ahead? What a true joy if you approach your day feeling that type of elation.

However, many more can answer YES to the question of do you sit-up and slump over, dreading and even resenting the unwanted chaos of your day? You really would rather do ANYTHING else other than face your day. As a matter of fact, you feel unfocused and always longing for something. Reading it out loud – it just sounds so overwhelmingly exhausting.

My desire for you is to be able to give a resounding YES in answering –

Am I living my best life ever?


Free Complimentary Session

If you are interested in learning more about the coaching process and how I can help you thrive, please sign-up for a FREE 30-minute coaching consultation. Send me an email at with the subject line of FREE CONSULTATION to get started.

Energy Leadership IndexAssessment

As an important part of my coaching program, the first session for clients starts with the Energy Leadership Index™ (ELI) assessment. This assessment is an extremely accurate indicator of how you “show up” on a daily basis, and how you react when stress is introduced into your day. It is an accurate measure of your ability to lead others, as well as, yourself to take positive, productive and sustainable action. It also assesses your level of involvement and engagement at work and home, as well as, your energetic reaction to stress. This assessment was developed by the founder of iPEC, Bruce D. Schneider.

Energy Leadership Index Assessments are offered to all clients; however, you do not have to be a client in order to take an assessment. After assessments are completed, the debrief session is a 60 – 90 minute one-on-one session. This is a great indicator on how you show up in the world.

Balance of Life Program

The Balance of Life Coach Program is designed to work one-on- one with you to focus on the critical cornerstones of life with your physical, spiritual, financial, and emotional health. The program is designed to help provide you clarity to your true goals and identify the best action plan to set you on the path of your best balance of life ever. Remember – you have all the power!

Teen Life Program

Let’s start early!

What a gift to your teen to teach them the important of the four cornerstones – physical, spiritual, financial, and emotional health. This program is designed to help teens ages 14 – 18 set a foundation of empowerment and independence by providing tools such as empowerment contracts and right size budgeting. In this case, we work with you and your teen. These tools teach lifelong skills that not only provide independence to your teen and you – but some proud moments along the way. Watch your teen thrive!

Program Investments

Invest in you!

You are worth it! My sessions are:

  • 30-minute interview session (complimentary) – $0
  • One 60-minute session – $100
  • Energy Leadership Index™Assessment (includes assessment and debrief session) – $170
  • Two 60-minute sessions monthly (one session every other week) – $180
  • Four 60-minute sessions monthly (one-session per week) – $380


All sessions should be paid in full prior to session. Please contact Vernessa Eley, ELI-MP, at 678-485-3199 or at to schedule an appointment!