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Poetic Expression Winners!

“Sonic Soul”

by Nichole Esala

If I listen closely, I can make out two violins dancing on the breeze.

One seems to be coming from the east and the other from the west.

They were two strangers in the night swept away by each other’s song!

They couldn’t explain what was driving them together that night, all they knew was they wouldn’t put up a fight.

All I could do was throw open my window to capture the romance floating on the seductive breeze, with such grace and ease.



~ Moon Face ~

by Angela Kedrowski

Daddy drives.
Mom sits beside you,
gazing in the dark at your small moon face.


Just moonlight,
your features are blurred.
Occasional passing cars cast quick flashes,
each one briefly throwing light on your eyes.

Bright. Dim.
Big, blue eyes.
Bright. Dim.

Each speeding light shows your eyes slowly closing.

Bright. Dim.
So slowly.

Safely settled in the back with mom.
Dad at the wheel, carrying us home.

Soft music playing.
Bright. Dim.
Eyes gazing.

You and I
sending our love
through the flashing headlights passing.

She sleeps.